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Thou shalt not...

A few words of warning.
Do not wear armor in a moving vehicle.


Whether in a car, bus, on a motorcycle, ATV, taxi, uber, tut tut, moped, scooter, Segway, etc...

No one can tell when an accident is going to happen.  Our armor will not withstand the forces unleashed in even a minor crash.  As far as we know, the jaws of life have never been applied directly to a human body.  Don't be the first.

Do not store in a damp environment.


Our finish is very durable, and we stand behind the belief that ours is a forever product.  Your grandkids, or at least someone's grandkids, will be playing with it if it's properly cared for.  But please don't wrap it in a wet towel and throw it in the corner of a wet storage unit for three months. (we have pictures.  it wasn't pretty).  

Do not clean armor with abrasives.

The finish on our armor is UV resistant, scratch resistant, and chemical resistant.  However, cleaning the armor with an abrasive will wear off the gloss and damage it's ability to prevent oxidization.  

We recommend WAXING (not polishing) our armor with Mequier's or Mother's professional car wax and a clean cotton cloth.  Do not use Turtle Wax.

Do not use for actual combat.


We hope to someday soon produce combat weight armor.  We will let everyone know as soon as that happens.  Our armor is not bullet proof, and will not withstand steel weapon attacks.  Rattan would probably beat the crap out of it.  We saw it withstand a baseball bat ONCE (and then it was done).  Please don't try it at home.

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