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Before you contact us...

There is a lot of debate these days about posting things considered political beliefs on private businesses. There's arguments to be made for and against, that it can drive in business or drive it away.

We decided we don't care.

We fully support everyone's right to be respected as a living, breathing human being, regardless of their age, race, gender (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, color, creed, manner of dress, or any other label they chose or need to employ. 

We believe certain human beings have traditionally not been been extended that respect, and those human beings require, and deserve, our support.

This is the hill we will die on.

ANYONE contacting us to complain about the small, inobtrusive way we have decided to show our support on this website will not be answered kindly. And will be barred from purchasing on our site. We do not serve bigots.

This is our business, and we will run it as we see fit.

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