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Hello, all! We specialize in lightweight armor for LARP and cosplay! These bracers are comfortable and easy to wear all day long. They include a fluted wrist guard to protect the hands from injury. They are hand hammered, and the detailing is chiseled in from the backside by hand. Leather straps hold the bracers on at wrist and elbow. Asymmetrical design allows for full arm motion at the elbow. As such, this is a left-and-right pair. This product is made from 20 gauge cold rolled mild steel. It has been treated on the inside with rust resistant paint and on the outside with Permalac lacquer to prevent oxidation. Very simple maintenance, we recommend waxing with car wax before and after wear. Straps are buckle enclosed, buckle holes have not been punched in the strap leather. Customer should be prepared to punch own holes for best fit. These are sold as a pair.


Measurements required. Measurement chart will be sent after order. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks construction/shipping time.


We stand behind our products. Steel treated in this fashion should last a lifetime or beyond. If any part of the armor fails, we will repair or replace the item. Contact for shipping and handling details.

If there is damage caused by something you did, we offer very reasonable repair options. Most damage can be repaired. Contact for a quote and shipping and handling details.

The finish on the armor is very similar to the clear coat used on vehicles. Therefore, we recommend waxing with professional car wax before and after wear. Simply wipe wax on armor with a clean cotton cloth (towels work fine), then buff off with a clean section of towel. Recommended brands are Mothers and Meguiars.

Do not use car polish, only wax. Do not use Turtle Wax. Both products have a silicate additive that will mar the finish on the armor. Do not store in a damp environment.

Fluted Bracers - Blue

SKU: 0000042
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